Vertical and Micro-Gardening: Modern Manufacturing Facility

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Vertical and Micro-gardening (VMG) is a climate smart urban farming social enterprise. The
enterprise seeks to enhance the optimization of limited space especially in urban areas in a
manner that empowers financially poor urban households and the organisation while protecting
the environment through an innovation called a Vertical Farm. A vertical farm is VMG’s innovative
approach to urban micro-gardening and integrated waste management. It is an integrated vertical
gardening and composting system that creates 36 sq ft of soil with only a 9 sq ft footprint, which
utilizes compost from biodegradable urban waste, and is capable of growing up to 200 plants.
This integrated unit has a vermicomposting core that supplies highly nutritious soil to several
levels of plantable area, where a variety of crops can be grown in an agroecological and organic
manner, working in harmony with one another to produce higher yields with more nutrients.
Based on the trials, each vertical farm earns US$352 per year.


We are proposing to build a new modern assembly plant in order to meet the overwhelming
orders while maintaining the quality that our reputation is built upon. In order to do this we need
support in aligning the facility design, operational plan, market needs, available resources and
our financial plan. is intended to study and develop a risk model in the specific area of
automotive business. Therefore, we are undertaking a study in line with this with the expected
outcome being an optimum factory design capable of efficiently supplying the projected demand
for VMG product lines.


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