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For Companies

For companies and research labs

What does Praxis offer research labs and companies?

  • Reach beyond national boundaries to get the best students in Europe
  • Employ young and eager European talents for your projects
  • Benefit from fresh ideas from the younger generation
  • Find and recruit the most interested and competent students

What does Praxis offer research labs and companies? What are the benefits of working with students? How do you get the best ones? What can you expect from students, and what can't you?

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For Students

For Students

What does Praxis offer your students?

  • Sweeping pool of Academic Projects and Internships from all over Europe
  • Search facilities that will point right to the Project/Internship matching specific needs
  • Straight to the point information to support the best Project/Internship experience
  • Big community of peers to share experiences, challenges and solutions

Tips 'n tricks for finding the perfect internship or project, preparing for going abroad and getting the most out of your international experience.

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For Schools

The PRAXIS Network

The current PRAXIS consortium consists of 44 European partners from 27 different countries. As we want to promote the European spirit and the mobility between European Higher Education Institutions, we’d like to welcome new partners.

Any institution that is concerned with higher education and students’ employability should be interested in our work and its achievements. Among them, we may stress: students, higher education institutions (HEI), employers, governmental departments related to higher education and professional associations.

Are you a company, a research lab, an organization or an educational institution and you want to join the Praxis Network or get more information about it?
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