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As Payflip is strongly building its market position as thé salary partner for SMEs in Belgium (due to extended tax/legal consultancy), we want to leverage
this position by launching a free and open-source salary platform. On this platform, employers can (1) manage their company-specific salary policy, (2)
order extralegal benefits (cars, health insurances, meal vouchers,..) and (3) provide an up-to-date overview of all remuneration elements, as many
employees still do not have a clear picture of the total salary package and related benefits (and the costs of it). It is important that the platform is open-
source, as SMEs will be able to build custom features themselves on top of the tool, and really make it their own. This will provide us with a lot of ideas
on how to innovate for the broader spectrum of clients. Why is it relevant for both IT, design and business development? - From an IT point of view, it
speaks for itselves that creating an open-source layer to a potentially widely used platform, is a huge challenge. - From a Design point of view, Payflip
can tell that launching a product related to the complex concept of 'salary' and making it understandable for every single employee is thé way of sharpen
a design skillset by mass executing mass design research and test interviews with a broad range of potential users. - From a marketing and business
point of view, launching a platform that is free, disruptive and solves a huge need in current the current SME world might be the dream. Finding the right
balance between its free character and its quality (by engaging solid partners like for. ex. Coolblue, Alan,..) might be one of the biggest challenges in the
whole project. This is marketing at its best. Same goes for business development: analyzing the market of benefits providers and other salary partner
opportunities is a delicate job and makes or breaks the success of the platform


Job related skills

Human resources, salary management



  • Develop & enhance your personal and professional competences
  • Work in an exciting multicultural, multidisciplinary environment
  • Get experience in working within a remote team 
  • Gain international contactspartnerships and strengthen your international network
  • Promote teamwork and communication skills in international context
  • Find your talent 
  • Boost your employability 
  • Overcome international mobility barriers

BlendEd, Blended-AIM, ATHENA European University





Study Domain(S)

Design,Marketing,Computer Science and IT

Valid until

31 January 2022



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