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Associated Partners

Published:31 January 2014

What are Associated Partners?
Associated Partners are institutions that find the PRAXIS network relevant to their activity and expect to contribute and take advantage of the network outcomes. Associated Partners are recognized as such by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Union but have no formal obligations before it.

What is the value of Associated Partners to PRAXIS?
The size of the consortium is a critical success factor for PRAXIS. For us, Associated Partners are a fundamental contribution to accomplish the PRAXIS mission. Associated Partners are the best way to reach the critical mass required to succeed. We expect our Associated Partners to contribute on a voluntary basis with their expertise and daily needs to improve the market value of the network.
Currently the PRAXIS consortium includes 88 partners in total. 44 of them are Associated Partners. This number is rising whenever a new Associated Partner joins the consortium boosting our chances to succeed.

What is the value of PRAXIS to Associated Partners?
Associated Partners have:


How to become an Associated Partner?
It couldn’t be easier. All we need is a brief description of your institution, its logo and the name and email of the contact person. You may join us through the PRAXIS portal. Once we have this data we include your institution in the consortium as an Associated Partner and you may start enjoying and contributing to PRAXIS in full.

Who are our Associated Partners so far?
At the time of writing, the PRAXIS consortium has 88 partners. From these, 44 are Associated Partners with representatives from several types of stakeholders (Fig. 1).

Figure 1 – Associated Partners by type Associated Partners are developing the PRAXIS consortium in several ways:


Figure 2 – Associated Partners by country

Check here who is building the European Centre for Project/Internship Excellence.


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